Someone keeps leaving goose crap on my car. At least I think it’s goose crap; it’s hard to tell. It’s in a plastic grocery store bag, tied shut and setting there on my trunk. I don’t understand?

8 Responses to “Gooses”

  1. 1 tinMan

    lol, sounds like you’re getting punked to me.

  2. 2 GeekBoy

    You need to camp by your car and like beat down the guy who does it…or have like a bear trap…

  3. 3 forgo

    Or maybe I could put a Tux doll on it. If it works for birds, maybe it works for people.

  4. 4 Week-endranger

    This calls for a stake out and a high powered sniper rifle. I swear to god, people should be allowed to kill anyone who touches their car. there isn’t enough death in this world anymore to detour people from doing dumb things. I would also suggest hooking up 220Volts AC current to your car. Fry the little pig fucker that is doing it. Not that I have an opinion on this or something. But being I am free to do nothing a lot I would volunteer to stake out your car. We need a car like Wojo’s though and some camera’s. Then later go by and tag him with a fucking paintball until he can’t move from soarness.

  5. 5 forgo

    Hmm.. it actually would be kind of fun to mount a surveillance-type camera. Maybe I’ll check out X10.. or just wait 3 seconds for their ad to pop up from somewhere.

  6. 6 wojo

    I wonder how many bags you’ll have waiting after your vacation!  😀

    Maybe you should leave goose crap in a bag on ALL the cars in the garage (it’s a closed garage) one day… just to be sure you get the right person.

  7. 7 wojo

    Heh, this so isn’t and is funny.  Just after I posted this message, somehow I quickly got three x10 pop-under windows opened up on me.  HMM …

  8. 8 forgo

    Wait, no. It’s happening at work on Tikk. No garage at work.

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