Talking on Vacation

I’m off to North Carolina today! I’ll be gone next week. I added more Tekken footage, but the MWC will have to wait until I get back. But I leave you with this:

I’m still on my talking-to-people kick, which I’ll try to bring to NC in full force. Where I used to just nod at people and attempt to move them along as quickly as possible, I now try my damndest to carry on a conversation. And I try to be a good conversationalist. I don’t just nod my head and grunt; and I don’t just pretend to be interested. I put as much effort as I can into thinking about what they’re saying and coming up with intelligent, enjoyable, genuine responses. It’s never fake. It can be very tiring sometimes.

Why do it? Well, it provides great practice at being conversational, which is a practical, useful skill to have in all situations. This is something I’ve always lacked. In a situation when I’m around people I’m not too interested in interacting with, I’m usually very quiet, which is usually a result of me having nothing to say. Why do I have nothing to say? Because I sit there hearing the words, but not listening. I let them pass through my head and right out the other ear. When I realize I’m doing this, I try to focus on what’s being said and place myself in the situation in an attempt to form questions and answers that relate to the topic. I’ve noticed that as I do this more, I more easily enter and become interested in a conversation. I have to force myself less and put forth less effort. I think it all comes down to practice. Just like any other skill, it comes with time. I notice already that I’m getting better. Before long, I’ll take it for granted and only have a faint recollection of the difficulty I used to have.. or at least that’s the plan.

On another note, this is worth the time to glance over. There are some very good points that may make you ask yourself how “nice” you want to be.

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  1. 1 wojo

    Do us proud!

  2. 2 Week-endranger

    😀 good luck in NC, and I read that Article. I am a "Nice Guy" prick… sorta an oxi-moron but It’s scary how I found myself saying, yup, I fucked up that date with that insecurity and and other things they listed there. All on the basis of thinking I was just a nice guy and women don’t like nice guys. Definitly food for thought.

  3. 3 tinMan

    have a good trip dude.

    that article was amusing. actually, only the name of the site if came from was amusing. if it hadn’t been a rant and was more thought out, it would make a better point. but as it is, it’s just another bicthing session most won’t think twice about.

    and about the convo thing, a serious question here, don’t you ever wonder if the person you’re talking to just wants you to shut up? i guess when the other person hasn’t added anything intelligent to the convo, it’s time to move on.

  4. 4 forgo

    Well, I don’t really wonder that. It’s usually very easy to tell if they’re interested in talking. And if they’re not interested, but are doing a really good job of pretending to be interested, then maybe that’s their problem for pretending. Or maybe they’re trying to learn to converse, so we’re in the same boat and can learn together.

    I mean, it’s not like I’m harassing every person that walks by. And when they try to leave, I run up in front of them and start talking about something else. It’s all about providing a better experience for the other person.  If they want to talk, then I try to oblige. That’s what I’m working on.

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