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I thought I’d put my scanner to use by providing you with a taste of my artistic talent. The joke was provided by Xabub a week or so ago on a trip to Detroit. Without him, none of this would have been possible. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved. *sniff* It’s late. Forgive me.

Ow, The Lemon

I was finishing up with washing the dishes (I have no dishwasher) earlier. Normally, when I finish cleaning them, I drop a Plink in the sink to clean the garbage disposal. A Plink is a little yellow sphere filled with some lemon-smelling cleaner. It’s supposed to clean, deodorize, etc. the disposal. For some bright reason, I thought it might be fun this time to squeeze the ball before I dropped it in. And my tale of idiocy begins…

I reached my hand down towards the drain and squeezed. The skin of the sphere tore open and the fluid inside flew up onto my face and over my shoulder. It smelled very strong. I quickly rinsed my face off, thinking this stuff couldn’t be good for skin. A couple of seconds later, my cheek started burning. And then burning more. I got to the bathroom and started washing my face. It seemed to work as the burning subsided, so I left it at that.

Well, my face is still smells like lemon and it’s still burning. I don’t think I’m worried, but it can’t be too good. Don’t squeeze Plinks!

Oh, and I got my scanner finally(!). I only ordered it 2 months ago.

Definitely Not Flint

Five of us made a trip out to Lansing on Saturday. We’ve all decided that Flint is hell. If you’re not careful, Flint will convince you that it is just like the rest of the world. It’s not. The nightlife in Flint is horrid. You just won’t find a good place with friendly people. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that later. But on to Lansing…

We decided to hit up The Temple Club. The Ghostly International record release party was making a stop there. The music was cool. The atmosphere was perfect, chilled out and calm for the most part with the occasional upbeat, have-to-go-dance song. It was just right for talking to the ladies. That was the first night that I’ve gone crazy with the approaches in a while. I approached about 10 women. All but 1 responded very warmly (unlike in Flint, dammit).

We invaded a bachelorette party that was in the club. The bride had a shirt with life-savers sewn all over it. For a buck, you got to suck one off. I paid for my suck plus two of the girls in the party. The three of us sucked at the same time. She said she’d send me a picture of it. She’d better.

My strategy for the night. No rehearsed lines. No hesitation. Extreme confidence. I saw a girl, walked up with a blank mind and opened with the magical “hi.” If that’s not the best opener, it’s very close.

My Cow is Smaller

Some people are trying to market miniature cows as the next household pet.

Tiny cows could be the next big thing in household animal companions.
That’s all great and everything. I can see a cow being a really nice, lovable pet. It goes on to say

“They’re almost like a dog, but they don’t jump on you,” miniature-cattle rancher Dustin Pillard said…Pillard has been the most visible of the nation’s ranchers of miniature cattle, touting the little creatures as the newest exotic pet…”They’re really mellow like a dog. They like to be brushed and are very sociable they will come if you call them,” he said.
Aw, that’s nice. But there’s more!

They can also be taught tricks. One man trained one of his cows to lie down while another one leaps over it, Pillard said. “Cattle are smarter than people think,” he said.
That could be fun. There must be a lot of things that a cow can do that a silly dog can’t. Then of course there’s,

Miniature cows make nice, juicy 8 oz. steaks. “A lot of people prefer the smaller cuts,” Pillard said. “And they’re actually pretty lean animals.”
Wait, what? I thought this thing was my pet. And I’m going to eat it? Yep, that’s just like my dog. I buy him a leash, get him rabies shots and then serve him in a casserole.

Blah… Hahaha

So, I went to Taco Bell today with a mission to strike up a conversation with somebody. There were no appropriate targets when I got there, only construction workers and old people. I was getting desperate when a nice looking girl walked in. I got her as I was leaving. It wasn’t much of a conversation, but I counted it. The next assignment occurs tonight at dinner with the family. Someone will be having a little chat with me.

Don’t Let It Happen

I’ve recently become empowered. The other day I was sitting there feeling bad about certain things, when I realized I didn’t need to feel that way. I had relinquished my control of the situation. It hadn’t happened intentionally; it happened without me really being aware of it. It disguised itself as care and devotion, when those weren’t even really appropriate. It ousted my control and handed it over to other people. That’s not always bad, but it usually is. And in this case it was really bad, because the others weren’t willing or able to handle that control. But I’ve seen the problem. I’m discovering the solution. You know what they say: realization is the biggest step in solving the problem. And hallelujah! I’ve seen the problem. I’m happier now than I’ve been in a while. It feels good. My control will probably be taken again. Stealthily stolen away from me. It’s bound to happen. But next time, I’ll be that much more aware to keep an eye out for it.

I urge you now! Don’t hand over your control! Don’t let others determine the course of your decisions and emotions. It’s all in your hands.

More Footage

I’ve added more MWC MvC2 footage as well as some more Final May’n Event T4 footage. Just follow the links on the right. It took longer to get the stuff up this time. I’m going to chalk it up to me playing around with After Effects too much. It’s a very cool program; I just need to figure out how far its functionality extends and how much I want it to replace Premiere. Does anyone else want to give me some feedback on how they incorporate the two programs? I would appreciate it.


My Mini-Putt obsession can now end. I have become a Mini-Putt champ. What’s that you say? You want to be a Mini-Putt champ, also!? Well, you’re in luck. Now, you too can master Mini-Putt. Good luck!

4th of July

Everyone have a good 4th of July! Burn and blow up stuff, maybe even have a roman candle fight with a couple of people, and nearly go blind because you didn’t wear eye protection, and then realize how stupid it was afterwards. I guess that’s what makes it fun though. 😉

Dangerous nipples

Those sneaky “attractive” women will try to get you to suck their nipples so they can steal your stuff, be careful!