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Selecting Multiple Files

I finally found the answer to a frustration I’ve had for a while. When you copy multiple files in Windows Explorer the file you click on when you begin the drag is the file that is copied first. It copies all the files below it that are highlighted and then starts at the top of the list. This also applies to right-clicking to affect multiple files. It happened most often to me when playing/enqueuing stuff in Winamp. I would select files, right-click and select enqueue in winamp. It would add them to the playlist, but not sorted correctly. If you right-click on the first file, then it brings them in in the order shown. Do others know of this? I’m surprised I never noticed it before.

Mini-Putt TWO

OOohh! There’s a new Mini-Putt! It looks much nicer. You’re limited on the amount of power you can use, though. Not sure if that means an 18 is impossible. More Mini-Putt! Yay!


I just thought of something. If I ever marry a tall woman, then I’m just going to build the steps of the staircases in my house twice as big as normal because I always go up two at a time anyway. This way I’d be using less steps; I’m all about conserving steps. Plus, if you ever fell down the stairs, you’d only hit half as many steps. That’s half as much bodily harm! You can’t beat that.


Pretty cool.

Soda? Pop?

It’s interesting (and sometimes bewildering? disheartening?) to notice how many empty pop cans I have on and under my desk at work. I normally drink 1 pop per day. When I look around, I see what must be.. well.. hundreds of cans. That’s a lot of days.
It’s hard to believe that that many work days have passed since I started piling the cans up. Ah yes, the ever-present reminders that time is always passing whether your living it or not. I think I’m going to take a picture.


I got shocked by a lightning hit this morning. Ow. My hand still feels sort of weird and sore (if that’s the right word) hours after, hmm.


I’ve (finally) added some more MvC2 matches from the Midwest Championships. There should be more coming this week.

Pepsi Blue

Someone mentioned something about Pepsi Blue the other day, but I thought they were kidding. Today, I saw it in the store. The two for $1 convinced me to try it. The verdict: Meh. Despite the nine months of development and claims to fame, it’s only alright. Nothing to get excited about. Certainly not this excited (but I may have to try the Blue/Code Red mix).

Sushi and Saki

I visited a friend’s house last night to watch some old home videos that were brought up in a discussion last week. He had a couple of people over, and we had some Saki and home prepared California Rolls. This was my first time for Sushi (they are considered sushi, no?). I can’t say I was a huge fan of it, but it wasn’t horrible, either. They say this wasn’t the best way to initiate me into the world of sushi, as they’re not seasoned preparers and were just experimenting this time. I will be trying it again, hopefully soon. For the time being, though, I keep smelling the stuff everywhere. Or maybe I’m imagining the taste of it. I don’t know. Either way it’s not too pleasant, and it’s making me feel sick. I think I just need to eat more.

Stairs Dismount

I’m not the pusher (or was that the shover) robot, but I can now too push people down the stairs! Give stair dismount a spin and see how well you can do 🙂