Stairs Dismount

I’m not the pusher (or was that the shover) robot, but I can now too push people down the stairs! Give stair dismount a spin and see how well you can do 🙂

6 Responses to “Stairs Dismount”

  1. 1 wojo

    Yes!!  6595!  (I’m playing lowest high score to the bottom).  Otherwise my current high score is 69677.

  2. 2 forgo

    Whoa, I got 131!

  3. 3 wojo

    Woah, wait … 131 and he was at the BOTTOM of the stairs!?  

    If not, Ralp has gotten lower damage (I’ve gotten around 13):

    [03:09:39] Ralp: I’ve gotten 3,4,5,6,7,8, and 10 damage on Stairfaller. 1’s gotta be possible!
    [03:09:59] Ralp: 2!
    [03:15:29] Ralp: w00t!  1 damage!! heh, due to rounding, it looks like he has 0 on all his parts, so everyone will say the screenshot is doctored.  And by "everyone" I mean "no one" because no one cares, and I’m not going to take a screenshot anyway.

  4. 4 wojo

    Cool, I just got 95550.  It’s easy to get 0 as well (not to the bottom though).

  5. 5 wojo
  6. 6 Week-endranger

    more to come if I beat that score. 😛 Hmm, maybe I should just take all my enemies to stairwells.

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