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Dammit. I’m tired, and I think I grabbed the decaf coffee. Whatever it is, it’s certainly not helping. So..


Why do people insist on ending their sentence with “so”? “So” is not a way to end a sentence. It’s a way to add a concluding thought to your statement or possibly to transition to another thought. Ending a statement with “so” is weak. It’s like saying, “What I just said needs something more said, but I’m unable to come up with it myself, so you do it for yourself.”

I Kissed A Girl

Yeah, hmm.. so.. anyway.

Hair and farts

So I went to the barber shop today… all the chairs with the usual barbers were full and it was nearing closing time so I went with a barber thatís never cut my hair before, an extremely old guy. My haircut was long overdue, so as you can imagine I was really looking forward to having it shorter again. He seemed to do an okay job from my limited inspection at the barber shop; I drove home, took a nap and woke up, stepped in front of a mirror and holy crap, WTF! He forgot to cut the entire back section of my head or something because itís like 3 inches long puffed out in every which direction while the rest of my hair is around 1 inch long or shorter! Now I have to fix it at home because they are closed until Tuesday! Grrr! In addition, the entire time I was getting my hair cut there was a mid-40s guy sitting there watching golf and farting. It was very awkward to just sit there while this guy letís loose every so often, leading to a weird expression on his face for a moment, an adjustment in the chair and then him pretending like it didn’t happen as he continued to watch Golf and make comments at the TV. I fart as much as the next guy (okay, fine, I fart A LOT) but not in front of strangers!

Say what?

What do you do when you’re walking toward someone, knowing exactly what you’re going to say, and then they say that exact thing to you first. You can’t repeat what they just said. And you already put all of your concentration and effort into the first thing. What do you do?

Oh, and can someone please point me to some good sites that I should check frequently. I’m sitting here wanting something good to read and am at a loss as to where to go. Help!


The new Blizzard game, Starcraft: Ghost, looks nice.

Even more stereo images!

This time I made some of my own stereo images! Check them out!


I’m sad. This sucks. *sigh* Two weeks ago, the girl I’ve been seeing for a year and I finally decided to end the relationship. It hurts. I miss her.

But time goes on. I know I’ll be fine in a while, but it’s hard to remember that in the moment. I definitely need to get out more. I haven’t gone out in a few weeks in an effort to focus more attention on work I’m doing, but being home feeling like this doesn’t help. I need to stay happy to stay working. I’m happy when I go out and interact and meet people. So, I’ll do that. But in the mean time, I need to change the music and drink a beer.

Bush’s Plan

Ever wonder what Bush’s policy is with regards to foreign policy? Well, now we know.

West Nile

Michigan is number 4 on this list. That stuff is kind of scary. I think I actually do have a certain level of fear of mosquito bites. I get slightly on edge when mosquitos are around and landing on me. We should declare war on mosquitos. Stop the terror.