Archive for September 6th, 2002

Mini-Putt Scandal!

Well, not really. But I did find something interesting. We’re all familiar with Mini-Putt and Mini-Putt 2 by now. I, and others from what I’ve seen, have always assumed that the game was created by the owner of the site its hosted on. I pictured a guy at Harvard named Pyang making these games. Today, I finally got around to actually visiting his site. You know what, he didn’t make either of them! He just mirrors them. I could hardly believe it. I was shocked and appalled to my very core. I guess we all just assumed, and you know that just makes us a bunch of …

But anyway, his site does have some good stuff. Like, I didn’t know there were eight Xiaoxiao movies. And the reflex test is cool. And I spent 15 minutes watching the Contra walkthrough.

Oh, and if you go to the actual site of Miniputt 2, then you can connect to the game server and register for the tournaments. Actually, that site (Psycho Goldfish) looks to have a lot of neat stuff.


You may remember my mention of empty cans at my desk earlier. I wanted to get a good picture of the cans for rememberance’s sake. So, I decided I would combine the cans currently on my desk with all of the ones under my desk. I pulled them all out and started stacking them. The resulting structure consisted of 256 cans and however many bottles you see there. It was gigantic, relatively. It stood strong for a about a day until it decided to come tumbling down with a very startling and very loud crash. One can = one day. 256 cans > one year.