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Warning, rant ahead: I swear, people are idiots. First of all they build their house like 15 feet away from the property line when they have 12 acres to build on and then bitch about not having parking space, so then they start excavating the hill right on against the informal property line (literally scraped against the markers) bordering our property, and then hit the god damn natural gas line to boot! So all I hear is a loud hissing of natural gas escaping into the air right now, not to mention they may have messed up the trees on our property. Please oh please let his house burn down! I just so hate neighbors…


Noo! Season 6 of BattleBots will not be picked up by Comedy Central. But? Why? I really hope another network grabs it. *sulks*


I watched that 9/11 documentary on CBS tonight. It was the one that the French brothers made in and around Ground Zero as it happened. I TiVoed it. I liked it very much. Quite good. Well done. Kudos. Cheers. Should I be drinking Mountain Dew at midnight?