Hair and farts

So I went to the barber shop today… all the chairs with the usual barbers were full and it was nearing closing time so I went with a barber thatís never cut my hair before, an extremely old guy. My haircut was long overdue, so as you can imagine I was really looking forward to having it shorter again. He seemed to do an okay job from my limited inspection at the barber shop; I drove home, took a nap and woke up, stepped in front of a mirror and holy crap, WTF! He forgot to cut the entire back section of my head or something because itís like 3 inches long puffed out in every which direction while the rest of my hair is around 1 inch long or shorter! Now I have to fix it at home because they are closed until Tuesday! Grrr! In addition, the entire time I was getting my hair cut there was a mid-40s guy sitting there watching golf and farting. It was very awkward to just sit there while this guy letís loose every so often, leading to a weird expression on his face for a moment, an adjustment in the chair and then him pretending like it didn’t happen as he continued to watch Golf and make comments at the TV. I fart as much as the next guy (okay, fine, I fart A LOT) but not in front of strangers!

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  1. 1 GeekBoy


  2. 2 forgo

    Could you hear him farting? What should he have done?

  3. 3 wojo

    Of course you could hear him, it was quite loud in fact.

    He should have held it in!  I don’t know, it just seemed wrong!  Maybe he had a condition…

  4. 4 Week-endranger

    :-/ we need to issue tickets to those poeople. Like a business card that says something to the affect of. "Please don’t fart in public". But it needs to be catchier. Fine public farters. Let’s put together a focus group for the children!

  5. 5 wojo

    Or just join them …

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