Why do people insist on ending their sentence with “so”? “So” is not a way to end a sentence. It’s a way to add a concluding thought to your statement or possibly to transition to another thought. Ending a statement with “so” is weak. It’s like saying, “What I just said needs something more said, but I’m unable to come up with it myself, so you do it for yourself.”

2 Responses to “So…”

  1. 1 Week-endranger

    >:( I too could throttle people for doing this. I often hear it at the end of an excuse and a look that says, forgive me, I am too stupid to even complete an entire thought and if I did it would only weaken the statement I just made… DIE!… so…

  2. 2 Week-endranger

    A: I would like to say that verbal quirks are just so common, YOU KNOW? It’s one of those things that comes with every culture, EH?


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