Archive for October 10th, 2002

Business Cards

I finally got business cards. It took them 4 years, but they finally got some for me. I’ve seen so many people come and go, each of them getting business cards. But, no, not me! I don’t get them!! I’m not good enough!!! But now I have them, and everyone is happy.


You are all weak. The magnificent power of Wojo will leave you whimpering in repentance on my altar of pain. The darkness felt will be outside the comprehension of those that have not already experienced, in flesh, the wrath of Wojo. Those that oppose the almighty Wojo will be crushed at the hands of his hordes of death. Visions of this unrelenting pain, deep anguish and lost hope will compel all others to fall before Wojo in droves, weeping at the devastating realization of their now endless, pathetic and void lives. This is your future.