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Great work!
You are practically a human dictionary! You got 15/15

That’s right I am. Are you? I always thought that’s how you spelled wierd/weird (I’m not giving you any answers!), even when certain persons tried to convince me otherwise.


So I’ve been sleeping through quite a few of my naps because of quiet and wimpy alarm clocks. I got my brother one of these last Christmas and I think it’s time that I get one now. This thing has to be felt and heard to believe it. From 30 feet away in the house it shakes and rumbles the floor, and itís freaking loud. If you can sleep through this thing, you are either dead or… well there’s a good chance you’re probably dead.


It’s starting to get really annoying how FOX is always showing baseball instead of its normal programming. Baseball is DUMB. Someone hurry up and win.

Alias was good. Oh, the tension. It had to be the most unrealistic one yet, though. Porn ‘N Chicken was meh.