Archive for October 20th, 2002

Purple Moon

What is this?! Could it be that something nice has come to Flint?? A new club called Purple Moon opened in Flint last week, and it seems to be getting great reviews. It’s funny to see someone talk up a place and then show the address with “Flint, MI” in it. It just doesn’t seem to fit. I will definitely be providing my support to the cause, though, by visiting very soon.

The Ring

Am I not mistaken when I say The Ring is a remake of Ringu? *looks* Ah, I am correct. I saw Ringu a while ago, it was meh. I wonder if The Ring is better.


I saw One Hour Photo on Friday and Dahmer last night. This might be my rating system:
What? – This movie shouldn’t exist
Meh – It’s not a waste of time
Wow – It’s thoroughly entertaining

One Hour Photo: Meh
It’s not bad. It’s not great. I enjoyed it.

Dahmer: What?
I’m not sure this movie accomplished anything. Seventy five percent of the movie is flashbacks and ninety percent of the movie sucks. He doesn’t even eat anybody. Disappointing.