Archive for October 29th, 2002

Running a porn site

The topic comes up every once in a while chatting with friends of mine. It sounds like a great idea, frequently sprinkled with images of money, glamour and well, naked pictures of girls. Thatís right, starting a porn site. Itís almost like this column was written at just the right time because I was just talking with a friend yesterday about the very same idea. After reading the column though, I have to say, running a porn site has really lost a lot of its appeal and glamour. The money it takes to buy or take pictures legally, the time spent into pushing your site, itís all just a lot of work and the (monetary) rewards arenít really astounding or quick to come by. I guess Iíll continue to be on the other side of the porn scene for now, until I come up with a revolutionary new way to deliver and sell porn that is. (exit stage left; evil Mr. Burns type laugh heard in the distance)

My Ear!

My ear had been uncomfortable since Friday. We went to a club on Friday where the music was exceptionally loud. It got to the point where I tried to help my ears out a little by wadding up napkin pieces and sticking one in each ear. It turns out the wads weren’t quite big enough because one ended up getting pushed into my ear. The funny thing, though (well funnier), is that I didn’t know if it had gone in or fallen out. Everyone that looked insisted there was nothing in there and that it wasn’t possible for anything to fall in. It was in there Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I went to the doctor today, and she determined that there was indeed a piece of napkin still in my ear. She pulled it out, and my ear is once again good and empty. I think I’m going to buy some good earplugs, now.

Kevin Trudeau

I’ve known of Kevin Trudeau for years now. I actually ordered his Mega Memory product years ago. The other night I caught his “show” called A Closer Look, which is in reality a 30 minute infomercial. His format is very nice, persuasive and convincing. It seems to be a legimate give and take discussion about the product his “guest” is selling. Kevin asks questions, raising doubts and controversies. It really does look like a show where he’s discussing the product instead of trying to sell it. I believe, however, that it’s all carefully researched and directed to make the most powerful selling impact. And it appears Kevin’s gotten into some trouble for just that in the past. I’ve always been a fan of his because he’s very good at what he does: sell stuff. I was never aware, however, that he was disliked by so many.