Running a porn site

The topic comes up every once in a while chatting with friends of mine. It sounds like a great idea, frequently sprinkled with images of money, glamour and well, naked pictures of girls. Thatís right, starting a porn site. Itís almost like this column was written at just the right time because I was just talking with a friend yesterday about the very same idea. After reading the column though, I have to say, running a porn site has really lost a lot of its appeal and glamour. The money it takes to buy or take pictures legally, the time spent into pushing your site, itís all just a lot of work and the (monetary) rewards arenít really astounding or quick to come by. I guess Iíll continue to be on the other side of the porn scene for now, until I come up with a revolutionary new way to deliver and sell porn that is. (exit stage left; evil Mr. Burns type laugh heard in the distance)

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  1. 1 forgo

    Interesting article. I was just reading another article in Newseek at the doctor’s office. If I recall correctly, porn was the number 2 industry on the Internet. Number 1 was gambling. They described gambling sites housed in Antigua hotels and what not. I’m not sure of my point, just that it is another way (albeit controversial and largely illegal) to make money on the Internet. You can view it [url=]here[/url] if you want to pay $2.95. It’s "Point and Bet."

  2. 2 wojo

    Oh, I totally forgot to mention casinos!

    A friend we both know actually knows someone that did start their own casino in Antigua, well that’s where the server is but I think he moved there as well I think. †It’s as you have described it, they run it from hotels and resorts in Antigua where a bunch of people that run casinos group together.

    The guy makes, uhm, last I remember it was A-LOT-OF-FUCKING-MONEY a day.

    I was told he spent $133,000 or so the software, but with a good group of people, a small teamÖ we could write it for MUCH less in a few months I think. †He also spent WAY too much on hardware even, a really nice server, but way too fucking much. †He had to outsource out a lot of that stuff and was gouged because of it. †

    Eh, heh, heís the one thatís out there with loads of money and Iím here, so I guess I should stop criticizing what he did ūüėõ

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