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Purple Moon

What is this?! Could it be that something nice has come to Flint?? A new club called Purple Moon opened in Flint last week, and it seems to be getting great reviews. It’s funny to see someone talk up a place and then show the address with “Flint, MI” in it. It just doesn’t seem to fit. I will definitely be providing my support to the cause, though, by visiting very soon.

The Ring

Am I not mistaken when I say The Ring is a remake of Ringu? *looks* Ah, I am correct. I saw Ringu a while ago, it was meh. I wonder if The Ring is better.


I saw One Hour Photo on Friday and Dahmer last night. This might be my rating system:
What? – This movie shouldn’t exist
Meh – It’s not a waste of time
Wow – It’s thoroughly entertaining

One Hour Photo: Meh
It’s not bad. It’s not great. I enjoyed it.

Dahmer: What?
I’m not sure this movie accomplished anything. Seventy five percent of the movie is flashbacks and ninety percent of the movie sucks. He doesn’t even eat anybody. Disappointing.

Are You A Guy?

Then here’s your list. Bruce (aka shiprek) wanted me to send that to him a while ago. Now you all get it! Also, you all have to give a big Whoop of Appreciation to Bruce because he drove me to and picked me up from a party (which he decided to not attend) two weeks ago (4 hour round trip twice). I know you don’t care what he did for me, but since I do stuff for you, you need to be thankful when people do stuff for me, so I can keep doing stuff for you. Right? Right. Now, whoop.


Ping Pong

We played ping pong tonight over some beer and conversation. Ping pong is too fun. I’m the ping pong champ! Not really. I am the chump, though. I want more ping pong.


Great work!
You are practically a human dictionary! You got 15/15

That’s right I am. Are you? I always thought that’s how you spelled wierd/weird (I’m not giving you any answers!), even when certain persons tried to convince me otherwise.


So I’ve been sleeping through quite a few of my naps because of quiet and wimpy alarm clocks. I got my brother one of these last Christmas and I think it’s time that I get one now. This thing has to be felt and heard to believe it. From 30 feet away in the house it shakes and rumbles the floor, and itís freaking loud. If you can sleep through this thing, you are either dead or… well there’s a good chance you’re probably dead.


It’s starting to get really annoying how FOX is always showing baseball instead of its normal programming. Baseball is DUMB. Someone hurry up and win.

Alias was good. Oh, the tension. It had to be the most unrealistic one yet, though. Porn ‘N Chicken was meh.


It’s 2 degrees colder in Flint than it is in Detroit. Isn’t that interesting?


We were supposed to see Apollo 13 in an IMAX theater, but people were late, so we couldn’t. Instead, we saw The Transporter. The first 10 minutes reminded a lot of the BMW films, but not quite as good. The rest of the movie wasn’t bad. It was sort of like Mission Impossible with Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting like he was Jackie Chan. Imagine that, and you’ve got the movie.

Someone wanted me to put up a movie review section. I’ve always hated movie review sections. But his time is precious, and he needs to know what to watch when he has time to watch. I might be able to keep it up if I make it require as little effort as possible. Effort = I don’t do it.