Evander Byrd

Oh my. Evander Holyfield will be fighting Chris Byrd on December 14. It will be televised on HBO. I am very excited about that. Chris Byrd is from Flint. I saw him fight once at the IMA. In my opinion, he is very entertaining to watch. I don’t have HBO, so someone must host. I’ll bring something.

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  1. 1 tinMan


  2. 2 forgo

    What’s funny?! Heeeyy, you have HBO, don’t you?

  3. 3 tinMan

    Eh.. I can’t remember why I was laughing now. I think it was cuz the guy is from Flint.

    Yeah, I do have HBO but it may not be a good idea to see it at my house. I’ll see about it though.

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