Archive for November 18th, 2002

Magical pants

I have a magical pair of pants. I can wear them for a lengthy number of days, dare I say even weeks, and they donít seem to get dirty or start to smell at all. I donít understand it actually, and to be honest I donít care as long as they continue to display these wonderful bizarre properties. Whenever I find myself without any clean pants to wear, I always know that these pants will be waiting for me on the floor of my bed- or bathroom in all its sterilized wonder. I love you, magical pants.

Leonids and Segways for everyone

You better get your punk ass outside to watch the leonids tonight. Check out the forecast for Detroit for the peak times.

Oh, and you can finally buy one of those Segway HTs from Amazon now. Not really a big deal but I found the tech details on the page pretty interesting.