Archive for November 27th, 2002


One of the best things about all of this is that I can change my mind as many times as I want. There is a movie section up now. You’ll find a link over to the right. It’s not done yet, and my mind keeps changing, but I thought I’d let you start enjoying it now.

I hope to soon bring to it more integration with the front page, an easier way for people to respond to the reviews and a finished navigation scheme.. heh. If you have any comments or suggestions that are relevant and not dumb, then let me know. I like to listen.


I seem to be unable to have a proper bowel movement. I get the urge to go too often, and when I go, not enough comes out. What am I supposed to do about that?

What does fiber help with? When you have the urge to go and nothing happens? Or when you never have the urge to go? Or something else?

It’s not all bad, though. At least I have plenty of throne time to relax and enjoy some good reading material. There is no more serene and peaceful time than when your pants are around your ankles, the cold ceramic is against your cheeks, a good magazine is in your hands and the gentle plops of your once enjoyed meals echo off of the walls. I just need my plops back.


So I was driving through a nearby town on the way home last night when a sign flew past my peripheral vision, a sign in front of a business/house right off the main road in town. This wasn’t just any ordinary sign though, it was a sign for the Church of Scientology. Yep… that’s right, Hubbard’s Dianetics cult sons of bitches in the flesh, right here in my own area. What the fuck!

If you don’t know anything about the CoS and are totally confused, you should read up on them. Some of the stories are entertaining in ways, but others are rather upsetting. The things they do to people, families, the freedoms they obstruct, and well… read up on the horror stories and judge for yourself. I’ll take this opportunity to plug the fight against the CoS happening at Operation Clambake. Good stuff, just cause. I just hope Forgo doesn’t get sued because of this post, LOL.