So I was driving through a nearby town on the way home last night when a sign flew past my peripheral vision, a sign in front of a business/house right off the main road in town. This wasn’t just any ordinary sign though, it was a sign for the Church of Scientology. Yep… that’s right, Hubbard’s Dianetics cult sons of bitches in the flesh, right here in my own area. What the fuck!

If you don’t know anything about the CoS and are totally confused, you should read up on them. Some of the stories are entertaining in ways, but others are rather upsetting. The things they do to people, families, the freedoms they obstruct, and well… read up on the horror stories and judge for yourself. I’ll take this opportunity to plug the fight against the CoS happening at Operation Clambake. Good stuff, just cause. I just hope Forgo doesn’t get sued because of this post, LOL.

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  1. 1 tinMan

    so, what is scientology?

    really, what is it? not knowing what it is, i went to the OC link you gave and clicked on ‘what is scientology’, thinking i’d get a general description. instead, they instantly threw at me what they claim CoS does which just came off as overly bias. i’m not saying they’re wrong. i just want an unbias explantion of scientology before having others make up my mind for me.

  2. 2 wojo

    Ah, hmm.  Well try visiting the official page at  If I had to describe it in a few words, I’d use, uhm… scam, power, cult, greed, ruthless, con artists…

    What I did to find out more about Scientology is to read people’s first person accounts on the ‘net.

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