Today happens to be my birthday. Great! At least I get a nice feast that I can pretend 289 million people cooked for me. Well, you can send me a birthday e-card or something. That’ll work if you can’t send me a ham.

Happy turkey day to you though. When else do I get to see the messed up aunt that eats raw butter with her bare hands and falls asleep at the dinner table. Good times, good times.

18 Responses to “Birthgiving”

  1. 1 tinMan

    Happy B-day Wojo. Are you honestly telling us it don’t suck to have it next to a holiday? Ahh well, any excuse to drink or drink more is a good one right?

  2. 2 GeekBoy

    All you need is a pilgrim stripper to give you a lapdance…Isn’t that festive?

  3. 3 wojo

    Next to Thanksgiving isn’t too bad actually.  Can’t really think of a reason that it sucks, heck, I may even get more gifts because people can’t avoid it :-P

    No Pilgrim strippers here though, just screaming hyper little kids.  Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

  4. 4 forgo

    Yeah, it would seem a birthday on Thanksgiving would be good. The family has to see you. So if they don’t get you anything, everyone knows they’re dirty whores. It was my nephew’s birthday today. He got presents.

    I have 6 nephews and a niece now. They decided at one point to all attack me. One of them is alternating between hanging on my back and jumping back onto my back after being shaken off. I can hear the ringleader of the rest counting down a few feet behind me. I hear, "3..2..1.." and then hundreds of pounds worth of little kid crashes into me. Then after all of that, they beg me for piggy back rides. Haha.. so I did that for a while until they started putting ice down each others’ pants, and my mom yelled at them. Oh my, that was funny.

  5. 5 wojo

    Haha.  I got adjusted by a family member that happens to be a chiropractor too, wonder if i’ll notice anything as time goes on.  Not sure if I believe in that stuff or not.

  6. 6 forgo

    Oh! I need that. I need one to see if my neck feels normal and make it normal if it doesn’t. It’s hurt for weeks now.

  7. 7 wojo

    Yeah, you’ve been mentioning that for a while.  I’ve never had anything that couldn’t be fixed by just sitting properly, holding a good posture and sleeping in my bed correctly.  Weird.

  8. 8 tinMan

    so cracking your neck and back is good right? i recall we had a discussion about this b4.

  9. 9 forgo

    [quote]Yeah, you’ve been mentioning that for a while. I’ve never had anything that couldn’t be fixed by just sitting properly, holding a good posture and sleeping in my bed correctly. Weird.
    [/quote]Me too. That’s what I’m waiting for to happen. It just hasn’t yet.

    I’m not sure if cracking is good or not. I’m still doing it. It seems to feel a bit better after I crack it, but that may be my imagination.

  10. 10 tinMan

    i stand with my lower back arch back, so that i stand straight. yet, i would still get pain in that area. you can’t tell me it’s better to have it arch forward looking like a turtle.

  11. 11 forgo

    I’m not even sure what you’re saying. I don’t know what you could do that would make you look like a turtle, aside from perhaps strapping a green garbage can lid to your back and walking around on all fours.

  12. 12 wojo

    I’ve seen someone do that before.  Makes you laugh.

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