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I added some more videos. They’re not particularly good, but they’re something. Especially considering the recent drought of MvC2 videos lately. The releases should start coming steadily again, along with some CvS2 stuff.

Magical pants

I have a magical pair of pants. I can wear them for a lengthy number of days, dare I say even weeks, and they donít seem to get dirty or start to smell at all. I donít understand it actually, and to be honest I donít care as long as they continue to display these wonderful bizarre properties. Whenever I find myself without any clean pants to wear, I always know that these pants will be waiting for me on the floor of my bed- or bathroom in all its sterilized wonder. I love you, magical pants.

Leonids and Segways for everyone

You better get your punk ass outside to watch the leonids tonight. Check out the forecast for Detroit for the peak times.

Oh, and you can finally buy one of those Segway HTs from Amazon now. Not really a big deal but I found the tech details on the page pretty interesting.


The Sum of All Fears: What?
I just really couldn’t get into this movie. The story just seems to have so many holes and jumps in it. None of the events or decisions or characters really seem to make any logical sense. Someone else told me they liked it. Maybe I just missed something, but I had a hard time even finishing the movie. The only slightly redeeming quality was the semi-enjoyable visuals when stuff blows up.


Big Trouble: Meh
This is a pretty good fast-talking comedy. It seems kind of short, and not a lot happens, but it’s definitely funny. The dry humor always works on me. I like Andy Richter and Putty. What happened to Andy Richter Controls the Universe and The Tick? Those were good shows, dammit.


The Bourne Identity: Meh
This was definitely a good movie. It kept me entertained and watching throughout. It is borderline Wow, but doesn’t quite deserve it.


Man, it’s been a rough two weeks or so. Had the flu or whatever it was, then throw in a few deadlines here and there, a couple of 24-hr periods with no sleep and when I did sleep I slept in a bean bag (I miss my bed) and well, it’s been a rough trip for my body, heh. I need a vacation. I deserve a vacation!


See, Detroit is the best. We have Elvis and flesh-eating bacteria that you can’t kill. Top that.


8 Mile: Meh
It was alright. It wasn’t worth all of the trouble everyone was going to, but it was worth seeing. The song doesn’t really make a good appearance in the movie. That was disappointing. The song has more redeeming value than the movie.

Getting into the movie was half of the fun. It was sold out at the first theater. At the second theater, we had to buy tickets 1.5 hours in advance. We left for some beer and came back 30 minutes early. The line was already 70 people strong. All of this for Eminem’s movie? Did this madness only happen in Michigan? Heh, and I live in the 810 by the way.


Unfaithful: Wow
This movie was very pleasantly surprisingly good. Is that a sentence? I turned my nose up immediately when I saw Richard Gere was in it. I haven’t liked him before, but he does a terrific job here. Really, all of the important people do. The emotion, the intensity, you can see it all there. Great movie. Plus, if you watch carefully, you may pick up a thing or two about seducing a woman.