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Lot Head

You’ve all heard of road head. You’ve all seen it. You’ve hopefully all received (or given) it. Well, yesterday I had the utmost pleasure of witnessing some nice parking lot head. I was coming back from the gym. There was a truck idling diagonally across three spots in the parking lot. I’m not looking too carefully, but I dont see anyone in there at first. Then, I think I see a dog. It looks like it’s sitting in the driver’s seat jumping around happily. When I get to the front of the truck, I take another quick glance. I see the head bobbing, the hair flying, the seat reclined. Oh yes, it’s lot head, apparently very enthusiastic head. I look away and go home.

VW Convertible Commercial

For those looking, the song in the new VW Beetle Convertible Commercial is Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra. It’s from their 1977 album Out Of The Blue.

I didn’t state that in my other post, leaving it to the link to explain it, but now I’ll make it more obvious.

And again, you can find the commercial here. Just click on “See The Commercial.”


As you can see above, the countdown has begun. Just over 48 days until I’m cruisin’ the streets again. It’s been a horrible, confusing and very frustrating experience thus far. I only hope this one part works out.