Archive for December 4th, 2002


I heard a story the other day about a guy who has trouble holding in his urine. Sometimes he’ll have to go really bad and despite his best efforts to hold it in, it still comes out. It feels like it’s held, but it’s not. Your initial reaction may be, “Hah, what a weirdo.” But, wait. He has a good reason. I won’t go into details, but he was in an accident that caused some damage to that area. He had a catheter in place for six months. So, I suppose that’s a good reason for having some leakage occasionally.

But, my point is this. Suppose you did just have a problem holding in your urine. Suppose you wet your bed all of the time as a kid and never really learned how to hold it. Suppose you still do wet your bed all of the time, and sometimes your pants, too. People, friends, family are bound to find out. What do you tell them? Of course you don’t say, “I’m just a weirdo that never learned how to pinch off my piss.” You make up some elaborate story about how you “injured” yourself and now your ability to pinch is hindered. The more elaborate the better. That way they’ll remember what happened more than your condition.