This was a very busy, very fun and very tiring weekend. In fact, all of last week was a blast. I haven’t had time or energy to write about any of it yet, but I’ll do some later.

Bloody mary’s were on special last night, though, so I gave one a try. I asked for it spicy. I enjoy spicy foods, so the thought of a salty, spicy alcoholic drink got me excited for a moment. But, eh, I didn’t like it much. I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t like it. It tasted a bit like spicy vegetable soup, which sounds good. But for some reason, I had to struggle to try to enjoy every drink. Plus, they didn’t give me any celery with it.

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  1. 1 NullKalt

    I remember telling you Saturday that bloody mary’s were one drink I couldn’t stand. They’re god awful.

    The weekend was a blast, but expensive. Where’s the pics?

    I’m puzzled why I can get drunk at $1 pitcher nights at Churchills, but when I spend a ton at Purple Moon and drink lots of mixed drinks i’m always sober. Not going to put too much time into comparing.

    PS. No more bus for me. It’s amazing what a .32 cent fuse will do to your social life.

  2. 2 jimc

    Yeah it’s funny that you had to drive my car back from the Purple Moon that night.  I almost never get blasted at the bar.

    Forgo makes one mean Martini…

  3. 3 NullKalt

    Yeah with EXTRA DRY Vermouth.

    I felt NO effects of alcohol at the bar, but at around 5am I was trashed, that’s why I didn’t catch a ride with ya. It takes liquor a lot longer to kick in with me.

    You two were in bliss at 2:30am all cuddled on the couch.


  4. 4 tinMan

    You two were in bliss at 2:30am all cuddled on the couch.

    forgo and shiprek? lol, i don’t think i have to explain what’s funny about this.

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