Tales from the bathroom, part 1

I had what I thought was a pimple near the tip of my nose early this week, one of those kinds that really hurt but doesnít show up much because itís deep under the skin. Well, one day it was about to pop by itself so I helped it out a little. All was going well until the weirdest thing happened: out of the, uhm, hole… came out a hair! As I squeezed the hair continued to slide on out, and it was getting pretty damn long. I then realized it wasnít facial hair since the outside of my nose doesnít grow long black hairs, of course. Then it hit me, this must be a hair from the inside of my nose that grew out the wrong way! I squeezed a little more and it just sort of fell out, it wasnít even attached to anything anymore. Wel, thatís the first time that has happened to me and it was sort of neat.

3 Responses to “Tales from the bathroom, part 1”

  1. 1 forgo

    So many interesting things happen in the bathroom! I had a dream sort of like that once.. except stuff kept coming out, and I ended up pulling half of my mouth out with it. Freaked the hell out of me. Are you sure you didn’t dream this?

  2. 2 tinMan

    you know, i’m actually relieved you weren’t talking about a pimple.

  3. 3 wojo

    Uhm, that’s an interesting dream there Forgo.  *steps away slowly*

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