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I’ve got the gallery system working. I didn’t like any of the programs designed for it that were out there, so I wrote my own. That’s my excuse for the delay. I’m still finishing it up, so you should expect some changes yet, but nothing too major. There’s a link to the right. I don’t like the word “gallery” anymore.


I wrote this a few days ago, so I might as well post it. We did make it down to see Oakenfold last Friday, and it was a good time. However, it could have gone better if:

  1. We could have left earlier. The show started at 7. We made it there at about 10:30, so we missed Scroggs, Hernan Cattaneo and half of Oakenfold’s DJ set. We didn’t make it to a point where we could listen to the music until 11 when Oakenfold started his live set because of reason 3.
  2. All of our tickets were for the same area. We all bought presale tickets, but two of them ended up being balcony tickets and the other one was a floor ticket. The floor was the better place to be, and they were checking stubs. We finally made it down there around the time that Aphrodite started.
  3. There was no nutjob ex-boyfriend being gay all night. He’s the ex of a girl we went down with who was set on trying to get her back and make it known to every guy there that she was his and no one should get in his way. I know they’re everywhere, but I’ve never encountered such a huge asshole before in my life. He’s the guy that talks huge shit and has yet to have all that shit shoved back down his throat. He relies on intimidation (and perhaps the muscles of his much larger friend) to fuck with people. And he said some of the most retarded things I have ever heard. I’m told that he’s not always like that. I can only hope for his sake that’s true because that would be a sorry way to live.
  4. We could have made it to the afterparty. I forgot to print directions so we weren’t exactly sure how to get there. Plus, a couple people had to work the next day. So, we but the night short and went home.

But despite all of that, I still enjoyed it.