I’ve got the gallery system working. I didn’t like any of the programs designed for it that were out there, so I wrote my own. That’s my excuse for the delay. I’m still finishing it up, so you should expect some changes yet, but nothing too major. There’s a link to the right. I don’t like the word “gallery” anymore.

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  1. 1 jimc

    I still don’t know how you took steady pictures with the women all over you, but you did a GREAT job.  Everything is too funny…

    I don’t know yet if it is a good idea to be getting your picture taken when too drunk.  We will find out in the days to come I bet.

  2. 2 GeekBoy

    So many women! And why do all of you look like Jason Nelson?

  3. 3 forgo

    Hehe.. [url=]Jason Nelson[/url] or [url=]Jason Nelson[/url]?

    I’m not entirely sure what Jason looks like. Or that I look like him. But if it’s true, I’d like to congratulate him on being a very attractive man.

  4. 4 GeekBoy

    SRK Nelson.

  5. 5 NullKalt

    [quote] And why do all of you look like Jason Nelson?
    Hmmm, Jason Nelson huh.


    Questions and Answers
    Question by Alex Wolfe
    Answers by Jason Nelson

    AW: What do you do to prepare for a tournament?
    JN: I like to get head, it relaxes me and calms me down for a tournament

    So that’s the trick to all this video game stuff.

  6. 6 jimc

    Thats pretty funny.  

    Hmm.. One thing wrong with his tourney prep, I never see to many women at those events.  

    Well wrong unless you are in to the sort of thing, then more power to ya.

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