I Made A Mess

I saw this in a dollar store in a mall. It seems a bit harsh to me. I wonder exactly what kind of mess they’re talking about?

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  1. 1 jimc

    That sign is funny.. I think I need one of them.  I work in retail as some of you know and when we have a family come in with a number of younger children the software rack is just torn apart.  I mean we find software across the store under a cabinet somewhere.  The funny thing is that the parents never say anything to their kids about it.  I guess as long as it doesn’t happen where the parents have to clean it up it is ok.

  2. 2 wojo

    What about the kids that can’t read yet, or those just too lazy to read that huge sign?

    Maybe they should replace the sign with a cartoon of a kid playing with a toy, the same kid leaving with the toy on the ground not put back on the shelf and then finally a picture of the kid decapitated by some evil looking store clerk.

  3. 3 jimc


  4. 4 NullKalt

    It’s too hard (no pun intended) to pick one of the many possible jokes about that sign and Catholic Priests.

    Ok I think there is a subliminal message going on with that sign. Take for example reading ONLY the underlined words.

    "Children In This Section We’re Watching You."

    Oooh, the possibilities.

  5. 5 forgo

    And what message are they trying to send exposing the word "urine"? Are they giving hints to the children as to what to do?

  6. 6 NullKalt

    Good one. Damn I can’t believe I missed that, probably because I was in a rush to the bathroom.

  7. 7 tinMan

    so it’s okay to take the toys elsewhere and make a mess. cool.

  8. 8 potter

    They need to redirect this sign to the Damn parents. reading more along the lines of if you don’t know how to watch your kids dont come in with them. you dont want a mess at home and we dont want it here. I do know that they could not say these things for legal reasons, but it seems like for legal reasons that sign is just not worded properly.It almost seems a little sick why would you want to take your kid in a store with that kind of sign anyway. It only makes you wonder what kind of unfriendly people work there.

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