Chris Byrd

Chris Byrd is the champion! At least of the IBF. The fight was great. I really enjoy watching Chris Byrd fight. He’s very quick and confusing while still being a technically good boxer. His ability to avoid punches even when trapped on the ropes or in the corner is amazing. And then he taps you on the shoulder, in the chest and on the head, seemingly more to piss the hell out of you than to hurt you, before grabbing your waist and spinning 180 degrees behind you. Just very entertaining to watch.

I think many people don’t enjoy it as much because there’s not as much heavy swinging. There’s not a lot of contact and staggering and falling and bleeding. That’s a large reason why Chris isn’t pulling in the big money fights, yet. But it will happen. I’m excited for when it does.

Edit: Oh yeah. I want to thank Hyperlite for hosting the event. Mogs and Liz for the good company and for being excellent Mortal Kombat punching bags. And finally, Hyperlite’s brother and friends for showing me exactly how trendy faded knees and asses are. There were 7 of them with 14 faded knees and 7 faded asses. I think I should use them as my trend compass. They always seem to adopt the latest styles en masse. I’m not saying they don’t look good. They do. Like they just jumped out of the page of a catalog.

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  1. 1 tinMan

    so holyfield really is washed up.

  2. 2 forgo

    Meh. Maybe. He’s just really geared more toward fighting bigger, slower guys that like to duke it out. The fact that Holyfield has never been knocked out helps prove that point. He’s just not able to keep up with the quick style of Byrd. If he were to fight someone more like himself, he might do better. Although, I think they said that he’s lost 5 of his last 7 fights. Maybe he should give up, even though he said he’s going to keep trying.

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