Now we know where you are!

Ever wonder where letters to Santa Claus go? Well so did this guy. He sent a package via FedEx and used the tracking number to watch the package on its journey. We know where you are now, Santa!

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  1. 1 tinMan

    lol. they do tv specials on this kind of thing. at one place, it was voluntary students who send back letters to kids.

  2. 2 playboydojo

    I really hate this kind of stuff. Why not just send it right back to the return adress? I mean, really, since when did it become okay to play make-believe?

    I knew a teacher that lost her job because she told the kindergardeners(sp?) that Santa didn’t really exist(she cleared the whole board: Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy; she debunked them all at once). Does anyone else find it stupid the extent people will go to tell stupid lies to stupid children?

  3. 3 forgo

    I’m not sure I would say that they are stupid lies. They’re characters that help to bring out the fantasy of childhood. It’s fun for the children to believe in Santa, and it’s fun for the parents to pretend to be Santa. It encourages imagination in both the children and parents. I really don’t see the harm in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc. in the capacity they play in a "normal" family.

  4. 4 wojo

    Haha, you shouldn’t lose your job for debunking them.  That’s just silly.  It sure was mean of her though.

    I don’t think these make-believe characters are bad as long as they are kept in good fun.  What else are kids supposed to when they are young?

  5. 5 tinMan

    perhaps they should stop pushing the lie that good always triumphs over evil.

  6. 6 forgo

    "they"? They who? And why?

  7. 7 tinMan

    they as in them, man! the oppressors! they oppress, man!!!

    they being teachers, cartoons and wherever else it’s said that good always wins.

    why? well, we were in a discussion about telling kids the truth right?

  8. 8 wojo

    So we should bring them over to the evil side at a young age since it’s a lost cause anyway?

  9. 9 tinMan

    lol, I’m not saying I’m for the truth. I’m just throwing it out since we were talking about the truth. Though, there’s irony in all this.

  10. 10 potter

    Since the begining of time humans have used their imagination.If the children the parents and the make believe characters are all stupid,in all fairness I’m sure you are too. Have you never been a child? are you wiser the the rest of the world? Have you never in your life spoke to yourself?or pretend that you were a doctor or a movie star? You need to wake up after all we have all used or imagination at some point in our life.In some cases it reminds us that we can and will achieve our goals, even if our goal is only to make our children think of fun made up characters.oh and on another note Santa is not completely made up St.Nick really DID exist.most people just chose to keep his memory alive in differnt ways!

  11. 11 wojo

    I pretend that I’m a doctor ALL the time, unbeknownst to my "patients."

  12. 12 jimc

    Doctor Wojo, can you help me?

    There seems to be something inherently wrong with that sentence.

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