Archive for December 17th, 2002


My ride home from work on some days has school at night. So, he has to go home for a minute to get ready for school before going. That means I get to hang out in his house for 30 minutes or so on those days. Well, yesterday Martha Stewart was on the tv when I got there. Now, I’ve never seen Martha on tv or even talking before. All I know of her is the parodies on SNL and the scandals in the news. Since there was really nothing else to do, I watched. Before long my brain was aching and wanting to run for cover. Her show is terrible. It was so mind-numbing. I think it’s the way she talks and her whole demeanor. She’s so super-fake-happy, with that voice and her stupid smile. I’m beginning to quiver with disgust. I’m done thinking about it.


Can you cook? Maybe you can cook just one meal really well and you are really proud of it. Heck, maybe you are a gourmet check in disguise and don’t even know it. Well, where I’m going with all this is that I can’t cook at all. I’m cooking inept. I’m not really sure if it’s because I just suck at cooking or the fact that I don’t even know where to begin in the kitchen. All I know how to do is nuke something for a few minutes and wait until it has cooled off enough to eat. So help me out! If you have any favorite recipes, share them. I’m going to try cooking and eating each and every one of them and see if I truly do not belong in the kitchen without close supervision.


I hear there’s a new LOTR movie. Want to go see it?