My ride home from work on some days has school at night. So, he has to go home for a minute to get ready for school before going. That means I get to hang out in his house for 30 minutes or so on those days. Well, yesterday Martha Stewart was on the tv when I got there. Now, I’ve never seen Martha on tv or even talking before. All I know of her is the parodies on SNL and the scandals in the news. Since there was really nothing else to do, I watched. Before long my brain was aching and wanting to run for cover. Her show is terrible. It was so mind-numbing. I think it’s the way she talks and her whole demeanor. She’s so super-fake-happy, with that voice and her stupid smile. I’m beginning to quiver with disgust. I’m done thinking about it.

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  1. 1 NullKalt

    I vote this post for the worst i’ve ever read. I hate Martha too and your post brought back that same brain ache and the need to run for cover when I was forced to listen to her while in the Doctors office.

    That’s the worst, Doctor’s office TV & hospital waiting room TV. There’s nothing you can do, I mean you’re already feeling like shite, and you have to tolerate Martha while you wait in agony. Sadistic bastards.

    Don’t get me started on NYC taxi cab music.

  2. 2 wojo

    Damn, now I want to watch to see what you guys are talking about.

  3. 3 forgo

    Definitely create a season pass for it. You’ll love it.

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