New Year

Ha ha, no updates for you! But have a very happy and very safe New Year celebration. Although, you won’t make it safe, and me saying anything won’t help. Because everyone says, “Be safe!” And everyone replies, “Okay, thanks! I will.” But no one means it, and no one is any more careful. So just good luck not dying.

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  1. 1 wojo

    I mean it when I say it; it’s just that I don’t ever say it.

    Oh, so I was curious so I totaled up how many lines my Trillian logs contained for this last year.  Kind of freaky.

    One year’s worth of stats from Trillian (in lines):

    MSN:   10,965
    AIM:   81,575
    ICQ:   94,361
    YAHOO: 120,181
    IRC:   236,497 (can’t really determine how many were conversations so I ignore this number)

    AIM+ICQ+MSN+YAHOO:  307,082

    It could probably be 5-10 times that if I didn’t ignore people most of the time too.

  2. 2 Bonesaw

    I had ‘one’ mike’s hard rasberry whatever and it was so bad that I didn’t drink anymore the whole night

  3. 3 forgo

    [quote]I mean it when I say it; it’s just that I don’t ever say it.[/quote]
    Actually, I’m sure most mean it when they say "be safe." It’s just no one means it when they say "I will."

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