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Ah, the wonderful world of driving. I started driving last week. My Stealth had been sitting in a garage for over a year. It had been started occasionally and driven around the block but nothing more. The morning I got back from my cold walk to the Secretary of State, I hopped in the Stealth and headed off to work. I made it to the exit for my office when my front left tire went flat. I drove around slowly to 3 different gas stations until I found an air pump that worked. Filled it up. All was fine. I drove to lunch later that day. Upon returning from lunch, my front right tire went flat. I used an air pump at work to fill that up. All was fine. I stopped by a grocery store on the way home. As I was pulling in the parking lot, I accidentally hit the passenger window control, and it went down a bit. Oops. I tried to roll it back up. *crack!* Oops? A part of the mechanism controlling the window movement broke. The next day I ordered two tires, a power window regulator and a new antenna pole (it’s the motorized kind that goes up and down; mine’s been stuck up for a while).

I received the regulator and antenna early this week. I called about the tires, and the response, although not verbatim, was basically, “Uh. Oh yeah. I was supposed to order those. I’ll do it now.” I get the old regulator out of my door, and start putting the new one in. Hmm. The holes don’t really line up. Wtf. It’s a damn driver’s side regulator. They sent me the wrong one. I called them. They’re shipping out a new one, but I won’t have it until next week some time. I did manage to get the antenna replaced, but not without putting two small scratches in my fender. WHORE! Pissed me off. I chucked the screwdriver at my neighbor. He died.

Anyway, driving has been a $500 joy thus far! I can’t wait until they put my left tire on the right side and my right tire on the left side, and I can only drive sideways.

That Girl from the Coffee House

You know that cute girl you just met? The one with the intoxicating smell and gorgeous eyes. Well, forget about her! At least for now. If you go for it now, then you’ll be faced with the Valentine’s Day dilemma. You know what I mean. Have you been dating long enough to warrant a gift? How much should you spend? Should you just try to slip by with a small gift or do something big and impressive? If you do nothing or too little, will she be disgusted and insulted, thus negating any chances you might have had with her had she not expected something for this “holiday”? If you do too much, will she be intimidated and scared off, calling you the crazy-over-does-it-relationship guy? You see. You can’t win. All you need do is hold off for two weeks. Just keep it cool, and after VD has slid by, you’re clear to make your move. Trust me. You’ll thank me.


I promise it wasn’t always like this. I feel obligated to go slow for at least a little while. Are you diggin the Aerosmith?


I accidentally watched the end of American Idol last night. I enjoyed it, dammit. I will not be sucked back into that show! Stupid waste of time. All workplaces should offer free, heated, covered parking. Get on that. And finally, is anyone a member of the Something Awful forums? I’m not, and I want to know what this thread is about and why people are coming to my site from it. Thanks, bye.

Drive, for Real

I’ve just returned from a very cold walk to the Secretary of State. I got there before they opened, and there were already 10 people in line in front of me. I was a bit nervous, but it turned out the only hiccup in the operation was that they don’t accept credit cards. But I noticed it before it was my turn and was able to run to the ATM and get some money. All hail the returned driver! And keep your kids off of the streets.


It says 0 hours. Only 55 minutes until the suspension ends. I don’t get my license back until Tuesday because of MLK Day, but the suspension ends in 55 minutes. So, I won’t be driving when the countdown gets to 0, but I’ll be driving when it says about -34 hours.

Beetle Again

I’m going to write about the VW Beetle Convertible commercial again, which I’ve now realized is titled “Bubble.” Since the commercial first started airing, they’ve added a few seconds where you see the convertible drive off. The profound effects of the commercial have left me, worn away by too much exposure. But I still enjoy it.

You can pick up some good information about the production of the commercial here. Or you can read a review or that one better review that I wrote about before.

And of course, you can still see the commercial here. Click on See The Commercial. Also, as I’ve just found, you can download both versions from the first link up in that paragraph above.

You’re Broasted

I was waiting at this guy’s desk yesterday. Bored. Waiting. I noticed a menu for a broasted food place, food being chicken, fish and probably something else. I was glancing through it when I came across a Cod Tub. I looked at it then said it in my head, “Cud tob? What the hell is a Cud Tob?” It took me all of several seconds to realize it wasn’t a cud tob. Even after I figured it out, each time my eyes roved past it, my mind kept saying cud tob. Damn cud tob.

And did you know that diarist is a word? I didn’t. But it doesn’t mean what you think it means. It’s a person that writes in a diary.

Image Viewer

What do you people use to view image files? I’ve been using ACDSee for years, now. It was the best that I found at the time, and I’ve sort of just kept using it. It’s been starting to annoy me recently, though. It does a lot of things I don’t like. It’s slow, bulky and tries to do too much. You’re all smart. I trust you. You have any ideas?


24 is a great show. Alias has taken a backseat to 24 if you ask me. I loathe Sherry. She’s done nothing but piss me off this season every time I see her. Why does Colonel Samuels have to sound so much like Colonel Sanders? I’ve suspected Marie for a while. Although, I suppose I suspect a lot of the people.