Archive for January 18th, 2003

Beetle Again

I’m going to write about the VW Beetle Convertible commercial again, which I’ve now realized is titled “Bubble.” Since the commercial first started airing, they’ve added a few seconds where you see the convertible drive off. The profound effects of the commercial have left me, worn away by too much exposure. But I still enjoy it.

You can pick up some good information about the production of the commercial here. Or you can read a review or that one better review that I wrote about before.

And of course, you can still see the commercial here. Click on See The Commercial. Also, as I’ve just found, you can download both versions from the first link up in that paragraph above.

You’re Broasted

I was waiting at this guy’s desk yesterday. Bored. Waiting. I noticed a menu for a broasted food place, food being chicken, fish and probably something else. I was glancing through it when I came across a Cod Tub. I looked at it then said it in my head, “Cud tob? What the hell is a Cud Tob?” It took me all of several seconds to realize it wasn’t a cud tob. Even after I figured it out, each time my eyes roved past it, my mind kept saying cud tob. Damn cud tob.

And did you know that diarist is a word? I didn’t. But it doesn’t mean what you think it means. It’s a person that writes in a diary.