It says 0 hours. Only 55 minutes until the suspension ends. I don’t get my license back until Tuesday because of MLK Day, but the suspension ends in 55 minutes. So, I won’t be driving when the countdown gets to 0, but I’ll be driving when it says about -34 hours.

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  1. 1 forgo

    [url=/daily/images/countdown6.gif]It’s[/url] [url=/daily/images/countdown5.gif]over![/url] [url=/daily/images/countdown4.gif]I[/url] [url=/daily/images/countdown3.gif]saw[/url] [url=/daily/images/countdown2.gif]it[/url] [url=/daily/images/countdown1.gif]hit[/url] [url=/daily/images/countdown0.gif]zero[/url].

  2. 2 wojo

    About fricking time!  ^_^

  3. 3 tinMan

    lol, another 34 hours. that’s cruel.

  4. 4 GeekBoy

    Yeah, just make sure to keep it this time, smarty pants.

  5. 5 weekendranger

    🙂 congrats! Good luck at the secretary of States tomorrow. Hope there are no more hang ups on getting your license back.

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