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That Girl from the Coffee House

You know that cute girl you just met? The one with the intoxicating smell and gorgeous eyes. Well, forget about her! At least for now. If you go for it now, then you’ll be faced with the Valentine’s Day dilemma. You know what I mean. Have you been dating long enough to warrant a gift? How much should you spend? Should you just try to slip by with a small gift or do something big and impressive? If you do nothing or too little, will she be disgusted and insulted, thus negating any chances you might have had with her had she not expected something for this “holiday”? If you do too much, will she be intimidated and scared off, calling you the crazy-over-does-it-relationship guy? You see. You can’t win. All you need do is hold off for two weeks. Just keep it cool, and after VD has slid by, you’re clear to make your move. Trust me. You’ll thank me.