Archive for January 30th, 2003


Ah, the wonderful world of driving. I started driving last week. My Stealth had been sitting in a garage for over a year. It had been started occasionally and driven around the block but nothing more. The morning I got back from my cold walk to the Secretary of State, I hopped in the Stealth and headed off to work. I made it to the exit for my office when my front left tire went flat. I drove around slowly to 3 different gas stations until I found an air pump that worked. Filled it up. All was fine. I drove to lunch later that day. Upon returning from lunch, my front right tire went flat. I used an air pump at work to fill that up. All was fine. I stopped by a grocery store on the way home. As I was pulling in the parking lot, I accidentally hit the passenger window control, and it went down a bit. Oops. I tried to roll it back up. *crack!* Oops? A part of the mechanism controlling the window movement broke. The next day I ordered two tires, a power window regulator and a new antenna pole (it’s the motorized kind that goes up and down; mine’s been stuck up for a while).

I received the regulator and antenna early this week. I called about the tires, and the response, although not verbatim, was basically, “Uh. Oh yeah. I was supposed to order those. I’ll do it now.” I get the old regulator out of my door, and start putting the new one in. Hmm. The holes don’t really line up. Wtf. It’s a damn driver’s side regulator. They sent me the wrong one. I called them. They’re shipping out a new one, but I won’t have it until next week some time. I did manage to get the antenna replaced, but not without putting two small scratches in my fender. WHORE! Pissed me off. I chucked the screwdriver at my neighbor. He died.

Anyway, driving has been a $500 joy thus far! I can’t wait until they put my left tire on the right side and my right tire on the left side, and I can only drive sideways.