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I Ride a Motorbike

Another game for you. I think this one has been around for a bit, but I just ran across it. 10 is my best score so far. “This track is real hard!”

It’s Ffffkin Cold Outside

Yeah yeah, we’re supposed to be an equal opportunity country with equal opportunity employers. And while I can’t really fault a place for being so, think about this for a second. Let’s suppose you need to buy something. There are two stores that can accomplish the task equally well. They have comparable products at comparable prices. It will take the same amount of time at either store. However, Store #1 is so “equally employed” that their staff consists almost entirely of people that well.. you wouldn’t mind not looking at. On the other hand, Store #2 is full of people that are much more gentle on your eyes. Now I ask you. Where would you go?

At least once now, I’ve decided to go to Store #2 simply because I wanted to be able to look around and enjoy what I was seeing. I can’t be the only one. And since I’m not the only one, I wonder if there is any noticable impact on business because of it.

Two Weeks Ago

I’m supposed to post this picture. That’s us standing in line for Clutch Cargo’s two weeks ago. I look that goofy before we even got in. I don’t want to mention what happened when we did, not that I could as I only remember about half of the night. And no one else can tell me much of it because I disappeared for an hour. I didn’t get many pictures did record audio for a majority of the night. Even with the audio, I haven’t yet fully discovered what happened.

Door-to-door meat salesman

Uhm, a door-to-door meat salesman just came to my house. I’ve never heard of such a thing. He said he was from the “meat people” and had $12 T-bone steaks “this thick” as he showed me with his fingers. He then squirmed off in a hurry after realizing his Jedi meat tricks didn’t seem to faze me. He looked sort of shady to me, but had a truck that looked liked it was cooled in the back. Maybe that’s where he keeps the bodies.


I have a physical tomorrow. Starting in 10 minutes, I can’t eat anything for the 12 hours leading up to the physical. I’m going to start practicing my head turning and coughing now so it’s all second nature when it comes time to actually do it. Wish me luck.

The Homer

With it’s Champagne cooler and fold-down bed, This immediately brought to mind The Homer.


I used a different kind of soap this morning, and now I smell funny. I also paid $4 for a White Chocolate Latte this morning. *crazy* That thing did wire me to the wall, though.