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Nazis at the Gym

Normally I go to the gym (which is on the school campus across the street from me for those that don’t know) at night or in the morning on Sunday. I had Friday off, so I decided to go in the morning. I hadn’t showered yet, and my hair was stuck out to one side and matted on the other. It’s normally not an issue when I head over there like that because it’s Sunday, and no one is around but the people going to the gym. Today, however, I’m walking over there and groups of people are going to and leaving class looking nice. As I passed them, each would take their turn pointing and laughing at me. It was rather demoralizing.

But when I finally made it into the gym, I realized I had forgotten my ID. I was directed into another room where they can issue temporary passes. I told the woman behind the counter that I didn’t have my ID. She nodded and began writing a pass for me. The woman next to me asked, “Why don’t you have it?” Because I forgot it. “Well, you shouldn’t do that. There are a lot of Nazis out there.” Oh. The woman behind the counter finished my pass and handed it to me. I left, trying to figure out why the Nazis were so concerned with my ID.