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I didn’t sleep much the last few days. Three and a half hours of sleep out of 59 hours. Yay! But I slept last night, thank betty. It really wasn’t as difficult as I envisioned it to be. Although I never did actually envision it, I’m sure if I had, I would have come to the conclusion that it must be fairly difficult. But if I had, then I would have been wrong, thus I never did.

Here are useless stats that I used to figure it out:

Saturday: 9am-midnight (15 hrs)
Sunday: midnight-7:30am,11:00am-midnight (7.5,13 hrs)
Monday: midnight-11:30pm (23.5 hrs)


What a nightmare! You probably noticed the site’s been down for a day and a half. The colocation company with our servers switched our IP addresses without giving us any notice. Then, we went through 30 hours of hell dealing with inexplicably horrible support. It’s finally all returning to the way it should be. I’ll write more about it as I have time and figure out what I want to write.



Wait, not yet!

I try not to post, talk or think about the upcoming war with Iraq, but this I just had to share. Enjoy.


I was late one too many times, so my boss stabbed me. He did. Today. In my efforts to ward him off, I managed to avoid all but a deep gash into my palm. Now I have Triple Antibiotic and a stack of bandages that I get to replace a bunch of times between now and when it’s healed.

Grado, Sennheiser & Beyer oh my!

Got any recommendations for a good set of headphones? I think I want to get something nicer than what the local Best Buy or whatever carries, something that’ll last and sounds great. I’ve been reading a few review sites but there’s still so many choices. Help.

I’m Drunk

Yesterday wasn’t an extremely good day. The morning started off wrong by my hitting snooze 30 times or so from 7:15 to 8:45. The day itself was stressful from attempting to balance my duties from two jobs at the same time. I couldn’t go to the gym because I lost a contact, threw out the one that was still in my eye and then learned that I have no contacts left. I put a bunch of laundry in a basket, carried it downstairs and then remembered I lost my detergent. I’m out of toilet paper and have been reduced to using travel packs of Kleenex. I was cooking this pasta and chicken mix that required milk. I was out of milk, so I used beer (this actually turned out good; I’m eating it at work now, and I’m getting wasted! *hic*). I couldn’t do any work because I left my laptop at the office. That’s all I can think of. I’m not complaining, though. These days pass by everyone once in a while. Besides, there were a couple of bright spots. I got some shopping done and got to hug my girl for a few hours.

Diary of Things I Kill

Killed today: A very tall evergreen. Things I didn’t kill today: Everything else, for now…

Farm Sluts

I think this is old, but it’s funny. I’ve had a link on my desktop for a while. For some reason, by posting a link to it, I’m allowing myself to delete it from my desktop. So have at the Farm Sluts.