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Cristina’s Gone!

Haha.. Cristina didn’t get picked on The Bachelor. OOoo, what a stupid show. I didn’t watch it by choice. Serious. The epitomy of bad tv.

Tell us how you really feel…

Fox sent me this link to an eBay auction for 600 Watt AMP + 2, twelve inch MTX subwoofers in an enclosed box. I always love a good rant in the morning!


Ohh, this is funny.


The new season of Trigger Happy TV has begun, and it’s in America now with two new cast members. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it turns out my skepticism was for naught. It was good, with some of the skits being somewhere between out loud and tear inducing laughter.

I really don’t understand how they can do some of the things they do. They have cameras in so many places, some of them seemingly security cameras. Do they do it and then ask for footage? Or arrange with the businesses ahead of time? Like the guy with the drums in the bookstore. How did he get a camera in those places? Or the one in the restaurant where a woman asks for “ice water” causing music to start playing and everybody to start dancing. But regardless, it’s good.


This game is acceptably fun. I made it to level 7 with 19975 points.

Uh Oh

Someone in my apartment building is pissed. It wasn’t me!


You’re not pronouncing it correctly, either. Fool.

Ice Storm

Not this. This. Some people had trouble getting home (Wojo.. haha, sucker). Some people lost power (not me.. no wires downtown). I had fun sliding around in the big, empty parking lot next to my apartment. Exhibit A. Exhibit Two. It’s not possible by watching these videos to capture the mounds of enjoyment that I climbed all over. You can barely, if at all, even tell that I’m sliding. I almost slid into a curb that’s at the top of a 10 foot hill. That’s when I go “Ooo.”


Woo, my comic collection. Wanna buy it?


Apparently, I went to the Pistons game last night. They lost. Haha, figures. Not that it really matters, though. I don’t watch or particularly enjoy basketball. Of the 7 of us that went, I think maybe 2 ever watch basketball. For the rest of us, it was instead 48 minutes of eating and, while not eating, finding stuff to eat. Our 4 period gorge fest included $6 cashews, $8 beer, $16 pizza, $3.25 nachos, $3 frozen lemonade, $3.25 drinks and I would imagine more. Oh, basketball is fun!

Haha, I just remembered. We went to dinner first. One guy couldn’t decide if he wanted to order food because it was expensive and he had just eaten two hours earlier. He ended up ordering and eating chicken strips. Then we went to the game and not more than 5 minutes (literally) after I’d been sitting in my seat, he came back with a pizza and ate most of that. That just shows perfectly how eating was the main event of the game.