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Google is Brokened

I broke Google.

The Architect Reloaded

You saw The Matrix Reloaded, but did you catch the entire conversation between Neo and The Architect? I didn’t, apparently. But this helps. It’s cleared up two confusions for me thus far, exactly what the images on the screens were and what would have happened if Neo had chosen the other door. I sort of knew, but now I know. Or think I know.


I’m the proud owner of a brand new gas can. I’ll forever rue the day that gas stations stopped offering to loan gas cans to poor saps that run out of gas.

Jalepeno Poppers

Holy snack food! I am SO cool.


I’ve been discharged! It‘s over. From beginning to end, the entire endeavor has lasted 1 year, 10.5 months. Phew.


Someone mentioned to me earlier this week about renewing a subscription to Maxim. I subscribed half a year ago through this link. Seems to be quite a deal. Although Maxim, FHM and Stuff have begun to wear on me, I would do it for Razor and Details. I like ’em.

Cheese, syrup and the captain

If anyone ever dares you to either eat an entire 24 oz block of cheese, chug 24 oz of maple syrup or slam 8 oz of Captian Morgan’s spiced rum, whatever you do, don’t choose the cheese!