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Star Wars Kid

He‘s funny.


Remember that story about my crap smelling like hamburgers? Well, I walk in after pushing forgo’s car about 1/2 a mile and the same guy, Goose, says “did you guys get back from the bar or something?” to me. WTF. I guess my natural aroma is that of beer. Awesome!


What’s wrong with the webpages of Yahoo, CNN and the Whitehouse? The Website Mixmaster got a hold of them. Post your funny mixes!

My car has a mind of it’s own…

The cruise control on my Jeep messed up today on the freeway. All of a sudden, when crossing over the crest of a large hill, it “floored” the gas and I started accelerating REALLY fast. Next thing I know Iím at 85, 90 and climbing… It was pretty cool, until I realized the controls on the steering wheel didnít work anymore. Eek! Luckily the brake deactivation switch disabled the cruise control as it is supposed to. I was ready to bail too, I swear. I’m tough.

I guess it looks like hamburger, sort of…

Now the second or third time this week, one of my business partners has walked in to the office and thought I started cooking hamburgers. Every time I have to break it to him that I wasnít cooking at all, but instead I just finished up a #2. Yeah, apparently my excrement smells like cooking hamburger.

I even turned on the fan in the bathroom and left the door open an inch, if that. I donít smell it, but I guess it carries. Another funny facet of this story is that Iíve been eating chicken exclusively for the last few days, no beef. Weird!

Truck Dismount

Remember Stair Dismount? Yeah you do. Now beat up on the same guy in Truck Dismount. Wee!

You pay to talk to me!

I just received my first telemarketer phone call on my cell phone. WTF. I thought they were supposed to know the cell phone prefixes and were barred from calling them. This brings me to another thing: why the heck do we (in the U.S.) have to pay for incoming calls on cell phones? I’ve heard that it’s common for the caller to pay in other countries, which makes sense and it’s what we do for landlines!

Oh… I just realized that I have the first incoming minute free so I didn’t get charged for that call. Well, whatever. I’m still sort of mad.