Archive for September 23rd, 2003

Netflix for Games

Here’s to Bonesaw’s gaming problem. Bonesaw liked Netflix because he never had to leave the house. Now, he plays a lot of games. The only problem is he has to leave the house to rent them. In steps GoVoJo. Now he can play all of the games he wants and never leave the house! Yay!

Update: It’s been made known to me that there is another site that rents games over the Internet: GameFly. I’m not sure which is better, but they both have free 10 day trials. And if I can do simple addition, that’s 20 days worth of free games for Bonesaw.

Uh-Oh: Now I’m obsessed. I made a page on which I’m going to review online video game rental sites. You can see it here. I wonder how long this motivation will last.