Secret Revealed

The secret of any small business is coffee. Lots of coffee. Or some other source of significant amounts of caffeine. And if you say it’s not, then you’re not successful.

8 Responses to “Secret Revealed”

  1. 1 wojo

    SILENCE!  I concur.

  2. 2 forgo

    Coffee makes me constipated. Or at least confused as to whether I have to #2 or not.

  3. 3 wojo

    It makes my crap really hard and dense.

  4. 4 forgo

    And now my stomach hurts.

  5. 5 Bonesaw

    Ramen noodles with a lot of red peppers is soo good…but, makes my private parts burn when I piss…..

  6. 6 Ralp

    I like tea.

  7. 7 forgo

    Tea sucks. Wait. You drink it?

  8. 8 Ralp

    Well, I drink it.  Why, what have you been doing with it?

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