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Salvation Army

I get to man a collection bucket for Salvation Army. I have to bring my own bell though. And I can’t ring it very loud because the stores would complain. But I get a Salvation Army apron. I think it will be fun for at least a little while. To see peoples’ reaction to me begging for money. And to see who actually puts money in.


I need food! I haven’t eaten since yesterday’s lunch. Just a few more hours to go… I must hold out.

Go Britney!

She did it! She wrote a song! And she did it all by herself. And can you believe that after a year long vacation, she came back and actually WORKED on some of the songs on her album HERSELF. I mean, come on. What other artists can say they actually wrote ONE song on their own album and, on top of that, helped with some of the others? That’s something else. Don’t believe me? Read it yourself.

Infantile Stupid

I swallowed my freakin’ gum. The whole piece. And I just put it in. It was an accident. Dammit.

What’s on the kitchen floor…

Looking at the kitchen floor, I spy: one Cheerio, cherry gum, cooked ramen noodles, a pube, a melted apple Jolly Rancher, bacon, an empty diet Coke can, a Wendy’s salt packet, another pube, popped popcorn, a pube, more popcorn, a french fry, something unknown, various hair, grits of some sort, a Teddy Graham foot and more popcorn.

The counters are clean, though!