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Ooo.. I’m about to play in a poker tournament online. It’s my first. Exciting, huh? And I get to play poker for 6 hours before the Superbowl. Since I’m better than everyone else, I’m sure to end the weekend up thousands of dollars.

UPDATE: Yup, so I lost in the tournament. I got 4066th place out of 5000. It’s very difficult to stay patient.

UPDATE.. again: I played in another one. I placed 542 out of 5000. I could have done better, but it started at 3 AM and it’s 5 AM now, so I started playing very aggressively.

Family Guy

If they actually come out with Family Guy: The Movie, I’d uhm, go see it. Oh I hope they actually do it! Check this out too for a cool Stewie flash and stuff.


So, we got a lot of snow yesterday. I left work at about 11:30 PM last night, heading to my girlfriend’s, we’ll call her Cylindria, house. I, of course, don’t assemble the pieces of the puzzle before I leave: I’m driving a tiny old Honda Accord, we got 8 inches of snow, her driveway is uphill and no one shovels it.

I slip, spin and slide my way to the cul de sac in front of her house, see the driveway, and finally realize the situation I’m in. After coming to a stop in the road, I’m practically stuck already. It was only momemtum that brought me this far into the subdivision. So, I shut the car off and get the shovel.

With most of the driveway clear, I put the shovel back and get in the car. My tires spin for a second before the car starts to move slowly forward. I make it to the bottom of the driveway, and the car stops. The tires don’t, but the car does. After spinning the tires, forward and backward, left and right, repeat, I get out and dig some snow out from around the car. It seems there was a lot of frozen snow at the bottom of the driveway that the plastic shovel couldn’t break through, but the car could definitely sink into.

After some more spinning, I get backed up a few feet. Get stuck again. Dig more. Shovel behind the car. Spin more. Back up a little more. I think I’m back far enough to get some momentum up. I reshovel the entire path in front of the car, about 20 feet of road and 15 feet of driveway. I sit back in the car and cross my fingers.

The tires start spinning a little, but the momentum is building faster this time. I hit the bottom of the driveway and slip a little. The tires are spinning now. After a hesitation and horizontal slip, momentum carries me past the bottom. The front tires hit the concrete of the driveway and catch a little. Then start spinning more. But not before making it half way up the driveway. After an hour and a half, I decide that’s good enough.

Pain in the ass is what it was. I had no gloves. No hat. I’m apparently not prepared for such things. But I’m lucky I put the work in last night. If I was somehow able to maneuver my car into a parking spot in the street, it would have been buried by the plow this morning. Like Cylindria’s sister’s, Cylindriclah, car. They came home at 1:30 AM from a work function and parked in the street. I have to dig her out later today. I’ll put up a picture.

This is getting expensive!

I broke two E strings in a 24 hour period. Grr…

Mrs. Grammar

You guys may know my friend Grammer (a.k.a. Goose, Gurkin). Well, he’s taking the next step and getting married. Everyone congratulate him!

Obscenely Obese

Will you still love me if I get fat?

Must be hot in there

Okay, I just got back from a walk outside and noticed that an apartment had their air conditioning turned on tonight in this very building. Uhm, it is 18F out right now, and feels like 6F. What the hell?


Dammit. I’m sick again. My throat hurts and itches. My nose burns. My head’s bloated. My eyes are bleeding. I’ll infect you! And then cut you.

Random musings…

Thank god 24 is back on. It’s sitting on the TiVo, just waiting for me! Yay!

I think I’m the only person that has not seen the new Lord of the Rings yet. Hmm.

No matter how much I listen, I never really get sick of Led Zeppelin. It is just that good.

I wonder if it is too late to register to vote. I got something in the mail a while ago, but never sent it in. Now I regret not sending it in.

Who wants to go to the 2004 Detroit auto show?

None of you are real.

Never underestimate the power of caffeine! Coffee can also be very hot, as I and my tounge found out the hard way about an hour ago.


Yippee! Enjoy.