So, we got a lot of snow yesterday. I left work at about 11:30 PM last night, heading to my girlfriend’s, we’ll call her Cylindria, house. I, of course, don’t assemble the pieces of the puzzle before I leave: I’m driving a tiny old Honda Accord, we got 8 inches of snow, her driveway is uphill and no one shovels it.

I slip, spin and slide my way to the cul de sac in front of her house, see the driveway, and finally realize the situation I’m in. After coming to a stop in the road, I’m practically stuck already. It was only momemtum that brought me this far into the subdivision. So, I shut the car off and get the shovel.

With most of the driveway clear, I put the shovel back and get in the car. My tires spin for a second before the car starts to move slowly forward. I make it to the bottom of the driveway, and the car stops. The tires don’t, but the car does. After spinning the tires, forward and backward, left and right, repeat, I get out and dig some snow out from around the car. It seems there was a lot of frozen snow at the bottom of the driveway that the plastic shovel couldn’t break through, but the car could definitely sink into.

After some more spinning, I get backed up a few feet. Get stuck again. Dig more. Shovel behind the car. Spin more. Back up a little more. I think I’m back far enough to get some momentum up. I reshovel the entire path in front of the car, about 20 feet of road and 15 feet of driveway. I sit back in the car and cross my fingers.

The tires start spinning a little, but the momentum is building faster this time. I hit the bottom of the driveway and slip a little. The tires are spinning now. After a hesitation and horizontal slip, momentum carries me past the bottom. The front tires hit the concrete of the driveway and catch a little. Then start spinning more. But not before making it half way up the driveway. After an hour and a half, I decide that’s good enough.

Pain in the ass is what it was. I had no gloves. No hat. I’m apparently not prepared for such things. But I’m lucky I put the work in last night. If I was somehow able to maneuver my car into a parking spot in the street, it would have been buried by the plow this morning. Like Cylindria’s sister’s, Cylindriclah, car. They came home at 1:30 AM from a work function and parked in the street. I have to dig her out later today. I’ll put up a picture.

3 Responses to “Snow”

  1. 1 wojo

    You are snow’s bitch.

  2. 2 Steph

    I thought that maybe you had posted some pics of the babe on your blog so I decided to take a look, after noticing you hadn’t I did notice, for some reason, that in the month of January 04 you had a lot of posts, so I decided to click on it…and this is what came up…got a good laugh at this…Thank you

  3. 3 forgo

    Haha.. That’s awesome.

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